Daddy’s Gone

Knew you might be wondering.  As fate would have it, Daddy died on Friday night before we even left home.  While personally disappointing, Daddy was in terrible pain and it was a blessing that he did not linger.  Mama is doing very well.  Thankfully I think, she has had no time to be alone.  My older brother and his wife were here when she got the news and stayed into Saturday afternoon.  A good friend arrived late afternoon and visited with Mama until we (Jerry, Aunt Anne and I) arrived about 10:30PM (in the snow!).  Yesterday we went to church, Mama sang in the choir as she always has, and we had a quiet afternoon at home.  She is now busy trying to wrap up the business end of a death in the family and plans to fly to San Diego, as scheduled, on the 18th with Aunt Anne.  She’ll stay in California with us or Aunt Anne for about 3 months.

We’re all doing very well.  Your calls and emails have been wonderful. Look forward to being home with friends – in the warmth! (did I mention we’ve soared to 28F this morning?) – on Saturday.


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