Posted in January 2009

First chemo treatment

One down and seven to go! I think we were well prepared for how today would go. We reported promptly at 0830 to “Special Studies” in Radiology for insertion of the port and they took us into prep immediately. As they have in my last surgeries, they asked me multiple times my name and SSN … Continue reading

Preparing for chemo

Short version: I’m feeling good. I have reduced (but better than “normal”) range of motion in two directions for which I have started exercise therapy. I will start chemo this Thursday. I will have a treatment every 2 weeks for 16 weeks. I expect to lose my hair, and may experience a range of side … Continue reading

From surgery to oncology

Sorry for dropping off the net after my early December update. It’s been quite a month. Since I’m not sure who knows what at this point, everyone is going to get the whole (short) story. When I last signed off, Jerry and I were preparing to go to Michigan. Sadly, my father passed away on … Continue reading