Day 1 of this blog

The postings that precede this one are adaptations of informal communications to friends and family that I have sent during the months since my diagnosis in September 2008, which constitute the first chapters of my story. My goal is to post periodically (weekly?) as the story develops. My grandmother always did her correspondence on Sunday afternoons, which seems like a good goal. I expect cancer to be just one theme as I see the light at the end of the treatment tunnel and return to the varied pursuits that I enjoyed before cancer – family and friends, cats, golf, reading, computing …

We started out foggy and about 58F this morning, but in typical San Diego fashion, the fog (or marine layer) burned off, the sun came out, and the temperature is now in the low 70’s. Jerry just checked the pool temp and it’s 81F. He’s just finished planting several flats of flowering ground cover (ice plant and gazania) and the pool is calling to him. Spring is well under way.

Today has been wrapped up in all things blog. Which tool to use, looking at blogs I like to decide what it is I like about them (in addition to the content), what format to select, incorporating material from email, etc. And of course I took a few wrong turns in the process. Having never blogged, I’ll try this look and feel to see how it “fits,” and tweak as needed. Let me know what you think.


One thought on “Day 1 of this blog

  1. Well, my dear…as with everything else I believe you have blogged beautifully!! You look like a pro…as if I would know what that looked like. I love the updates…I feel a book coming on????love,Kevin

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