Time out

I am making the most of my month off.

We had a great trip to Virginia. We stayed with Jerry’s sister and her husband in Petersburg for a couple of nights and visited there, then went to Williamsburg for a reunion of folks Jerry worked with in Zweibrucken, Germany from ’69-’70, and back to Petersburg for another couple of nights. We hooked up with a long-time friend of mine from Navy days for lunch and lots of catching up while in Williamsburg. And we spent our last night in Virginia with a former CO, mentor and dear friend and her husband in Richmond before heading for home. I didn’t fit everyone in that I wanted to (sorry, Debbie!!!), but a week goes FAST!

And the day after we returned to Poway, I had my port removed. Another milestone in the “getting past chemo” checklist. Taking it out was a bit faster than putting it in. It was handled again as sort of an outpatient surgery, but they did it under local instead of general anesthetic. The worst part was injecting the anesthetic (OUCH!!!). For removal, they made an incision near the placement of the port but did not have to make an incision at the neck. There was some cutting to free the business end of the port and then the catheter was pulled backwards from the same incision with no pain. I think the doc took 4 stitches times 2 (2 rows) and then taped the surface. The stitches will be absorbed as I heal. It was a bit achy for the first 24 hours, and is still a bit swollen and tender to the touch, but healing fast.

We are going to friends’ to celebrate their 8-year-old daughter’s first communion tonight and tomorrow is the annual LSU Alumni Association Crawfish Boil. Yum! Tuesday I’ll be back at work and Thursday back in harness of another kind.


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