Two down and 32 to go

My radiation therapy has commenced. The real thing is just like the trial run and after two treatments, I think I have the drill down. The treatment team has it down to a science and if I keep my end up, 15 minutes is ample for my treatment. I report to Radiation Therapy, change into a gown, lay on the table and let technicians tweak my position to exactly match the programmed position, get zapped 3 times (3 different fields using three different machine angles for maybe 15 seconds each), redress and leave.

After my first treatment on Tuesday, I got my “tatts.” I have four of them. Where I had the big X’s, they daubed the area (over the tape) with black ink and then used a lancet to poke me once at each site. Kind of like they used to poke me in the finger for a drop of blood when I was younger. What was that for? They removed the tape and X at my collar bone, which was limiting my choice of clothing (no scoop or v-neck tops, for instance). I have difficulty telling the tatt from a freckle — a good thing. The other X’s they left in place, which makes it easier for them. Not sure if they’ll try to keep them in place till treatment is over or dispense with them when they disappear over time.

The biggest variable after 2 treatments has been traffic getting from work to the hospital. I think I now have the right best route from work. Today we’ll get to start experimenting with the route and time to travel from home, which will be where I’ll be coming from on Thursday and Friday.

On another note, I’m starting to see hair on my head. Well, peach fuzz, actually. But it’s more than a difference in feel and I can actually see it in the mirror! More progress. I think I should start a photo record to see how fast it changes.


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