A third of the way

Just finished my 11th treatment and all is going as expected. There is no visible change yet, but the skin seems a little more sensitive and I’m starting to sense some new tightness in the tissue. Or I was expecting it so am imagining it! I am still doing my physical therapy twice a week to stay ahead of the possibility of new impairment to my range of motion … and my golf swing!

I had my first weekly meeting with the radiation oncologist on Monday. I told him that I knew that chemo works on rapidly dividing cells but wasn’t sure how radiation worked. He told me that the same is true of radiation. Paraphrasing his description, all cells in the fields are radiated. Healthy cells can repair the resulting damage before the next treatment. Cancer cells can’t. They try to divide with damaged DNA and “die.” Death to cancer cells!!!

Still feeling sleepy when least expected, but I had what I consider a very productive weekend, which I mark as another sign of progress. I did a little yard work, a little house cleaning, a little laundry and a lot of ironing. 😦

Of course, we golfed on Thursday. I was starting to wonder why I ever thought I could play when I parred a par 5 hole I’d never parred before. Guess I’ll keep trying!

I started a new book, Divine Justice by David Baldacci, which I am enjoying (and which I blame for my forgetting yoga on Sunday!). This is a library book – the first I’ve checked out since getting my card here in Poway. I’d had the card so long it was already expired! Big change from my youth.

I also put in several hours at the computer. We made a change to our email configuration so that Jerry would have an account that syncs over the air (IMAP vs. POP). It seemed to come together OK but in fact introduced a few kinks in email/address book/calendar – one step forward and two steps back. This finally required a visit to the Apple GeniusBar Saturday morning. They had a solution that met all of our requirements and we are once again up on all systems.

Last but not least, I am the proud owner of an Apple iPhone 3GS. It’s wonderful! It doesn’t look different from my old one, but it has great new functionality and is faster. My high regard for Apple is reinforced. Getting to know the new iPhone sucked up a few more hours. Toys make everything better. πŸ™‚


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