My Wellness Fairie

I’ve been looking back through earlier postings and it appears that I never wrote about my Wellness Fairie. It was a wonderful experience. Sort of like having a secret pal. Shortly after my diagnosis, I received a letter with a small gift. The letter made clear references to recent events in my medical journey and other things I was writing about that were important at the moment along with inspirational and uplifting quotes and words of encouragement. There was a tantalizing suggestion that it was someone close to me, though I did not know who my Fairie was.

In all, I received 8 letters and gifts over a period of about 3 months. Gifts included a book mark, a selection of teas, a glow-in-the-dark pillowcase with inspirational messages, scented soaps, a book of crossword puzzles, a CD of soothing music, an inspirational book and a candle in a stone carved with an inspiring thought. Each gift was special and enduring. I have made a book of my letters so that I can revisit them. The last letter revealed my Fairies to be my aunt and cousin.

My Wellness Fairie was inspiring, fun (when a lot of things were not), and captivated my attention in trying to divine who it might be. I loved the experience and thought that it would be wonderful if everyone going through such a life-changing event had a Fairie, too. I clearly was not alone. I now know that the fairies behind my Fairies were three women who have joined to form a company called Secret Kindness. And I know that there are other types of Fairies besides Wellness. I have added a connection to their website on my blog and hope you will all check it out. Everyone knows someone who needs a Fairie.


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