Day 9 – Izmir

—6 May 2012—

I woke up with the first symptoms of a cold. Rats!

Ephesus was our last NCL tour. Sam (Semih) was our guide on bus 29. There were 600+ on our tour! We drove about an hour with one quick stop at a rest area for potties. There were, of course, lots of vendors hoping to make a sale between the bus and the bathrooms. Sam guided us through the ruins with historical commentary.

Road to the heart of Ephesus, facing the sea

Theater at Ephesus

As many times before on this trip, I pondered how they know what they know, as you can rarely tell what’s what (structure, statue, intended purpose) among the ruins by looking.  There was a hokey Caesar/Cleopatra/Marc Antony play toward the end.

Library at Ephesus

We returned to Izmir via a leather shop. Prices were ridiculously high; I think one of our group ( a man), bought a jacket. All buses rolled up to the ship with 10 minutes or less to spare.

I cleaned up and we went to the Cruise Critic meet up. We left there and headed for an excellent one-man musical review at the Stardust Theater. The show ended about 8:30 and we stopped at Shogun for Asian fare. Restaurant was freezing! Back in our room, I went straight to bed with my sore throat. 😦


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