Day 11 – At Sea

—8 May 2012—

A very different day at sea. Sunny and a beautiful blue sea, but windy (50 knots), which made it cool and a bit challenging for sitting by the pool. There were white caps on the water all day.

We had a leisurely breakfast in the main dining room (omelets for both of us). At 10:30, we went to the Galaxy of the Stars Room for a Q&A session with the Captain, the Chief Engineer, and the Hotel Services Officer titled “How to run a city.” It was entertaining (Captain Lars is a comedian) and informative. There was a huge turn-out (probably helped along by the weather).

Then we headed for the pool area, having only marginal success in finding shelter from the wind. We ate poolside. Jerry’s margarita blew off the table before he could drink it. 😦 We tried the jacuzzi, but the water kept blowing in our faces! Now wet, it was too cold to enjoy, so we headed back to our stateroom, where we watched movies for a while and played word games on our respective e-devices.

I finally roused to shower and dress. We did early supper in the buffet at 6:00, so we’d be on track for the last gathering of the Cruise Critics at 7:00. When we entered, one of the group, Ken, was setting up to take a group photo. That done, we had open discussion, mostly about Venice and trying to coordinate for a group rate on a gondola ride.

We were late breaking away for the 7:30 show, but joined it in progress for the last half. It was an ensemble show including NCL performers, Incanto, and the magician. There was a rousing finale built around thank you’s to crew and staff, many of whom were invited to the stage, including what appeared to be a good percentage of the ship’s officers. We went to the forward seats in the Galaxy of the Stars room for wine and the last rays of the day. Finally to bed and to sleep about 11:00.


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