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What a difference a year makes…

A year ago I was in the “T” part of my AC-T chemotherapy, had no hair, was taking Neulasta shots and lots of long naps, looking ahead to radiation treatment, and planning life around treatments and other medical appointments.  Today, I am through my treatment, cancer free, have curly baby hair that was long enough to … Continue reading

Moving back into the mainstream

Well, I’ve been working on this posting in my head since the 27th of July, when I finished radiation. What a wonderful day!!! As a new “graduate,” I got to ring the ship’s bell in Radiation Therapy on my way out. Guess I’ve been celebrating ever since. The burn from the first 25 treatments was … Continue reading

The "boost"

My radiation program is almost over. I had treatment number 28 today — only 6 to go! Seven weeks seems much shorter from this end. I had my last photon treatment on Tuesday, so my neck and all of the area surrounding the tumor have had their last radiation and can start healing. As in … Continue reading

My Wellness Fairie

My Wellness Fairie

I’ve been looking back through earlier postings and it appears that I never wrote about my Wellness Fairie. It was a wonderful experience. Sort of like having a secret pal. Shortly after my diagnosis, I received a letter with a small gift. The letter made clear references to recent events in my medical journey and … Continue reading

A third of the way

Just finished my 11th treatment and all is going as expected. There is no visible change yet, but the skin seems a little more sensitive and I’m starting to sense some new tightness in the tissue. Or I was expecting it so am imagining it! I am still doing my physical therapy twice a week … Continue reading

Two down and 32 to go

My radiation therapy has commenced. The real thing is just like the trial run and after two treatments, I think I have the drill down. The treatment team has it down to a science and if I keep my end up, 15 minutes is ample for my treatment. I report to Radiation Therapy, change into … Continue reading

Treatment resumes

Treatment resumes

Well, my treatment vacation is coming to an end. We did the LSU Alumni Association Crawfish Boil. Visited Rosecrans National Cemetary on Memorial Day. Played a few more rounds of golf. Saw a few movies. I had my radiation simulation as scheduled on the 28th of May. I “assumed the position” on my back on … Continue reading

Time out

I am making the most of my month off. We had a great trip to Virginia. We stayed with Jerry’s sister and her husband in Petersburg for a couple of nights and visited there, then went to Williamsburg for a reunion of folks Jerry worked with in Zweibrucken, Germany from ’69-’70, and back to Petersburg … Continue reading

From chemo to radiation

We met with the radiation oncologist today and had a very educational and positive discussion. Since I’ve been feeling so good, I started out by asking him to tell me again why I need radiation, hopeful that there’d be room for discussion. But he said that case history shows that without radiation, the probability of … Continue reading

Day 1 of this blog

The postings that precede this one are adaptations of informal communications to friends and family that I have sent during the months since my diagnosis in September 2008, which constitute the first chapters of my story. My goal is to post periodically (weekly?) as the story develops. My grandmother always did her correspondence on Sunday … Continue reading